Tuesday, 7 December 2010

An Explanation As To Why

So, I read The Times today, well, ok, technically yesterday.  I work nights, so Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow tend to merge into one time!  Anyway!  I was reading about Strays.  This is a term I had never heard of before.  Now, before people lynch me, I have heard of Metrosexuals.  I am not a Metrosexual.  I honestly don't care about clothes.  My normal outfit is a t-shirt, jeans and long jacket.  All black.

And I was intrigued as I read about being Stray in this article.  It fits me perfectly.  I love Strictly Come Dancing.  I loved X Factor until Wagner was booted (honestly don't care who wins now).  And I love almost any reality TV.  I hate football, I'm not that keen on Rugby or Cricket but I do like Formula 1.  I'd much rather have a nice glass of wine than a beer.  Actually, I hate beer.  Never really liked it, and I only ever drank it because my friends did.  And when I am with girls, I will gossip, but when I am with men, I clam up.

Plus, give me a romcom any day of the week over some stupid action movie.  There are musicals I love, but these are few and far between.  And you would not believe the looks I get from men when I mention that I am into lucid dreaming or more spiritual stuff.  And as a gamer, I love The Sims, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.  And I adore Guitar Hero.

BUT - I love my girlfriend to pieces.  And I will admit to having kissing a man once.  Disgusting experience, didn't like it at all.  And the idea of being intimate with a man just isn't my cup of tea.

So, I am a straight guy who is VERY often confused by other people with being gay.  Or at least bisexual.  But I am just Stray.

But why blog about it?  Well, Google Stray Male or Stray Man.  Nothing.  In fact, I had to Google Stray Sexuality to find anything about it.  And that was just on Urban Dictionary.  I think it's time us Straight Gay men stood up and claimed this word as our own.  The men who aren't afraid to show their feelings. The men who have no interest in Football, beer, and fighting in the streets.  Or watching Bruce Willis in Die Hard 54.  That is why.  When I read the article in The Times, I felt like someone was talking about me!  More men who are like this, need to know they're not alone.  |Or "weird".